Custom Modules

Note: Some of these modules were presented at BSIDES Augusta 2016 and will be in MHF when released in early 2017. It is highly recommended that these modules are installed on the most recent copy of Mercenary-Linux for full utilization with neo4j.

Start the neo4j service

When using the module verify that the neo4j service is running by typing:

sudo service --status-all | grep neo4j

If it is not, start it by running:

sudo service neo4j start

Establish connection to neo4j frontend

Type http://localhost:7474 into your browser.

Enter the default ne04j username and password:

  • username:neo4j
  • password:neo4j

You will then be prompted to set a password. Enter you new password and keep it handy.

You can then minimize or close the browser window until you are ready to begin execution.

You can now start executing modules.

Delete ALL Relationships and ALL Nodes from the neo4j database

Delete ALL Relationships: MATCH ()-[r]->() DELETE r

Delete ALL Nodes: MATCH (n) DELETE n

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